About Us : Donations

Access Project relies donations and other fund-raising opportunities. Because of this we need a steady supply of donated equipment to continue our project. Our criteria for accepting donations is based on the needs or the requests from our recipient (clients) and other non-profit organizations.

Since we are a non-profit project, the donation may be tax deductible. When you donate equipment, you are given a signed receipt listing the items that you donated, and we keep a copy for our records. We are unable to put a value on the items that you donate for legal reasons. If you are unfamiliar with this process please consult a tax professional for more information.

General Donations

Access Project Inc. Is happy to receive your donation of E-Waste, Your Old, Obsolete and unwanted computers and peripherals (e-waste) will be accepted for
recycling or re-use in safe and responsible ways that are compatible with EPA Universal Waste Rules.

Access Project Inc. is a non-profit agency that educates and trains people with challenges. They learn to refurbish, de-manufacturing and recycle electronic equipment along .with life skills to enable them to join the general work-force. Access Project INC operates in a 50,000 square foot facility which houses their work groups and facilities. Equipment that is still functional, easily upgraded or repaired is reused. Obsolete equipment is de-manufactured and the components sent to certified vendors for the final recycling process. Batteries, circuit boards, CRT’s, and mercury switches are sent to authorized hazardous material recycling facilities.

Some of the items we accept:
• Computers (complete or pieces and parts)
• LCD & CRT monitors
• Keyboards and Mice
• Servers
• Networking equipment
• Telecommunications Equipment
• Electric wire
• Printers, scanners, and copiers
• Adding Machines and calculators
• Typewriters
• Radios and stereo equipment
• Video players (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, etc)
• Small appliances
• Microwaves
• Ink & Toner cartridges
• Scrap sheet steal, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper (clean metal only)
• Books
• Unopened or unused software (must have a valid and unused license key)
• Clean pop cans
• Clean paper and cardboard products
• Televisions (a charge of $10.00 for 21” and below or $20.00 for over 21” applies to all TVs due to the low volume of recyclable material)

And any other electronic waste that you might have or in question of just “Call us for details Access Project's mission is to help bridge the digital divide between the general population and people with challenges. We provide a service to the community by recycling or re-using unwanted electronic equipment in safe and responsible ways that are compatible with EPA Universal Waste Rules.

To achieve our goal, Access Project operates an educational, non-profit work group to educate and train people with challenges. They will learn to refurbish, de-manufacture, and recycle electronic equipment along with life skills to enable them to join the general workforce.

Specialty Items

Special items that we are always looking for:
• UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies) 15-600 KVA
• Computer room air conditioners 5 to 15+ tons and up, air-water-glycol
• Diesel, Propane or gas generators.
• Warehouse size forklifts.
• Pallet jacks.
• Small Cargo vans or cargo trucks to make pickups and deliveries.
• Single axel tractor (Gas or Diesel) for making delivery’s of our final product from Recycling
• Single or Dual axel Van Pip trailer for making delivery’s of our final product from Recycling
• RAM Memory test equipment (DDR, DDR2, DDR3)
• Hard Drive Testing and duplicating equipment (IDE , SATA for laptop and standard hard Drives)
• 60”" Bailer for recycling plastics and cardboard.
• Shrink wrap unit for preparing shipment of other locations
• Rolls of shrink wrap.
• Volunteers to help us pick up and deliver donations as well as to work on the machines (we will train you!).
• Volunteers are also needed for determining needs, training, setting up labs, follow-up support, data entry and so on.
• Of course we are in desperate need of financial contributions to maintain and grow the program. We need to pay the rent and utilities and occasionally buy some tools and equipment for our work.

Please visit our "Donating" page for information about making a donation.