About Us : Recycling Process

The first step of the recycling process is the separation and sorting of the material. All material is separated into alike categories, such as printers, monitors, computers, etc. During this process any items that are deemed "usable", or in otherwise working condition are set aside for testing and repair.

After the sorting process, items that are considered "scrap" are de-manufactured at our facility by the volunteers. During this process the volunteers will remove all the internal components from the equipment and remove any serial, asset, or other identifying tags.

From the dismantled state, all the components are broken down to the base components for reuse or scrap recycling. This would include the removal of all circuit boards, wire, valuable metals, and plastics. Each of these base components are separated into containers and stored for additional processing. During this step, easily upgradeable and reusable items will be sent for additional testing.

All scrap material will be broken down at our facility, separated by like components, and prepped for metals recovery. The preparation is a separation of metals according to the grade and value of each. For instance, a transformer containing 20% Copper is graded differently than a transformer containing 80% Copper.

After broken down into its basic components, it is stored in shipping boxes, waiting to be sent to one of our recycling partners for final recovery.
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